Why Budapest 101?

Just like the 101 courses of the universities, we would like to give you the introduction to Budapest and Hungary. Take our 101 tour on your first day in the city to understand what is surrounding you, and then move on to the “advanced classes” and discover the hidden gems. We will give you the big picture, but we will also open your eyes to be able to see and appreciate the little details.
At Budapest 101 we believe in tailor-made private tours. We never stop learning and we are always full of new ideas. We are ready to share our passion with you and make sure that you leave Hungary with the best memories. We believe in responsible tourism. If you can’t find a tour that suits your interest please let us know what you have in mind and we will do everything to make it happen, always picking the most knowledgeable guide for you. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The people behind Budapest 101

Licensed Tour Guide (English, Spanish), Blogger, Foodie

JuditA tour guide is like a teacher they say, and I’m both: a practicing Spanish teacher and a licensed tour guide in Hungary. It all started with my passion for travelling and languages in high school. I went to university to study Spanish and Portuguese Philology and I spent four semesters abroad in Denmark, Spain, and France. Being a foodie and a graphomaniac I authored several blogs, including one about French cheese. During my work as a culinary guide I fell in love with wine as well so I spent 4 months in a Burgundian winery in France.
When I’m not working I travel to a remote Hungarian village as a volunteer teacher, or I practice the best sport there is: orienteering. I am trying to live a low waste life and reduce my eco foot print more and more. I’m easily impressed by conversations about permaculture, fermentation, or composting.
One of my favourite tours is the Transportation Tour going to the Buda hills, enjoying nature, and riding fun vehicles like the children’s railway. And if you want something off the beaten track discover with me the hidden cemeteries of Budapest.



Licensed Tour Guide (English, German), History Fan

Germán Veronika Tour Guide Budapest

I moved to Budapest as a young adult in 2006. I fell in love with the city right away and my passion just grew stronger by discovering its secrets, learning about its rich history and admiring its fascinating architecture. On my tours I’m trying to show the real face of Budapest: how locals live, how they think, what makes them happy or what annoys them. Join me on a Budapest 101 Tour to get started with your discovery.

Since I have a degree in International Relations you can expect a fair bit of history on my tours. But instead of boring facts I’m trying to show how the country’s history affects the attitudes of its citizens today. Maybe this is why I just love the Jewish District. It’s a vibrant part of the city where past and present meet.

Having been raised in a small village of the Hungarian countryside I’m also always happy to accompany you on a Countryside Tour and show what our country has to offer besides its capital.




Licensed Tour Guide (English, French), Nature Lover

For me, being a toTake a private tour in Budapest with Kataurguide is a passion! I feel deep love towards architecture, urban development, history, urban legends, food and wine, and I would love to share my passion with you, dear travellers from all over the world! I have been working as a tour guide for 12 years and I’m always searching for more and more secrets of Budapest and Hungary. If you are looking for something really off the beaten path join me on a Hidden Gems Tour discovering district 8 of the Hungarian capital.
Besides the busy city I do love nature, villages, and smaller towns as well, and I would be happy to show you the whole country. Besides guiding, I studied environmental studies and sociology at the university, so I am very much into these topics as well. 




Licensed Tour Guide (English), Literature Fan

Budapest private guideI was born in Budapest in 1976. It took me some decades to appreciate this city and realize how beautiful it is, that is how I became a tourguide. I like history, art, and literature and studied communications at university. I read novels, biographies, and I always give a list of the recommended masterpieces to my guests. Interested especially in Jewish history in Hungary I do guided tours in the main synagogues of Budapest talking about life in the Jewish district, not missing out new waves either. Visiting markets and cooking are among my favouritite hobbies: to buy fresh ingredients and create new dishes as well as traditional ones from my granny’s recipe book. My three kids are my best critics. If not guiding, reading, or cooking I am testing one of the new cafés downtown.



Web Designer, Photographer, Tabletop Game Enthusiast

IMG_4537 copyI was born and raised in Budapest, I witnessed all the changes the city went through in the past 20 years. I’ve always loved this city, and despite travelling to as many countries I can, Budapest will always be my favourite place to be. I’m a movie and tabletop game enthusiast, currently working as a video editor. I love discovering new places in the city (and taking photos of them), and I share the food and coffee obsession of Judit so we are always on hunt for the coolest spots.
At Budapest 101 I work in the background and I’m responsible for the website and graphic design.