Once known for its opulent coffeehouses where poems were born and revolutions were started, Budapest today gives home to an ever growing specialty coffee community.

Come and taste the unique creations of our award-winning baristas, have a slice of cake while you hear the story behind the places, visit a local coffee roaster, learn about the most exciting neighbourhoods of the city and get your caffeine boost that will keep you going for the day. Perfect for your jet lag, too!

During this coffee tour we visit at least 3 to 5 carefully selected new wave and classic coffeeshops and we taste something at each place. All tours are tailor-made for you by a professional tour guide and coffee enthusiast. See more photos here!

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 160 EUR for 1 person + 20 EUR for every additional person
The price includes 4-5 excellent coffees or other drinks and 1-3 cakes

Book it: [email protected]

The coffee tour is something not to be missed if you want to get to know Budapest for real, without the usual touristic clichés that often mask reality in such places.