It’s no secret: the creators of Budapest 101 are passionate foodies. So join us for an exciting private food tour and explore some of the many flavours of Hungary!

Do you know how many times we’ve heard the joke about being hungry in Hungary? But trust us, this is not the country for diets. On the contrary: there is a sweet grandma deep down in every Hungarian who wants to show their love through feeding you.

We believe that food is connected to everything. On our food tour you won’t just taste amazing flavours, but you will also learn about history, society, geography, and culture. We will walk through beautiful neighbourhoods including some famous sights and some hidden gems. Forget the cookie-cutter group tours: on this private tour it will be just you and the people you love, and your guide will tailor the tour to your needs. We can accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions! We’ve done a gluten-free vegan tour once, so nothing is impossible.

Pick a theme!
  • Hungarian cuisine 101 – a visit to a local market and several venues with the most popular food and drinks
  • Modern Hungarian – a creative twist on the traditional dishes
  • Sweet Budapest – treat yourself with amazing cakes and desserts
  • Jewish District – mix history and traditional flavours with the most vibrant neighbourhood
  • Meat Lovers’ Delight – butcher shops, sausages, local breeds, pork, goose, duck and more
  • Vegetarian / Vegan Tour – yes, it is possible to skip meat
  • Gelato Tour – the best way to survive sightseeing in summer
  • Dinner Tour – discover the culinary scene of Budapest in the evening

All our tours end with a wine tasting unless you want to skip it.
Let us know if you have any special requests and we will make it happen. As it is a private tour we can accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions. Get inspired by some of our photos on Instagram, and come with an empty stomach! You won’t regret it.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: 200 EUR for 1 person + 40 EUR for every additional person
All food and drink items are included. Kids under 6 come for free.

Book it: [email protected]

We loved the variety of foods, from an upscale breakfast with delicious coffees and sparkling wines, to strudel sampling, wine tasting, lots of comforting soups and transitional plates as well as a unique stop at a ruin bar/Farmer’s Market. Thank you Judit for taking into consideration the different dietary needs and restrictions of our group and for your warm hospitality! We all enjoyed our time with you and consider you a new friend!” (Ashley, USA)