Rose Shaped Gelato in Budapest        Savory Gelato at Gelarto Bistro

This tour is the perfect way of sightseeing in summer! We visit some of the main sights of Budapest like the Parliament, the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Opera House, and the Great Synagogue, and we make sure you have a cone in your hand all the time to cool you off in the Hungarian heat!

You will get an introduction to the history of Hungary and the main landmarks of Budapest, and of course we will also talk about gelato, ice cream, and Hungarian food in general, and put it in a broader perspective. You will get to taste exciting local flavours, have a rose shaped gelato, and even savoury ice cream with food pairing!

Duration: 3 hours
Price:  100 EUR for 1 person + 15 EUR for every additional person
(All the ice cream is included)

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Great and healthy popsicles        Best Gelato in Budapest