Done with your homework covering the main sights of Budapest? Then you probably want to move on to the Budapest 102 course. Discover the city off the beaten path, where most travelers will never go! Our Hidden Gems Tour of Budapest will take you to some surprising places.

Whether you are interested in classic or hip things, urban spots or nature, ruin bars or a palace turned into a library, we will put together the perfect itinerary for you. Just tell us a few words about your interests when you book the tour! You can also request the discovery of a specific neighborhood, like Újlipótváros, home of hundreds of artists, or Old Buda, full of Roman ruins. Get some more ideas on instagram!

At Budapest 101 we tailor every experience to your needs. All our tours are private tours, so we never do twice the same.

Duration: 4 / 6 / 8 hours

Price: 40 EUR / hour / group (maximum 6 people, ask for the price for bigger groups)

The price does not include entrance fees, food, drinks, and transportation.

Private minivan and driver for an additional 30 EUR / hour.

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“Booking a tour with Judit is like experience a city with a friend. She can take you to all the historic sites but also give you glimpse of life in the city with the locals. Budapest 101 is one of the best tour companies I have worked with and would recommend her hands down.”
(Ingrid, USA)