Budapest is a quite safe place but like in every big city there are going to be some people who will try to trick you. We have met disappointed tourists a few times who got the wrong currency when changing on the street. But you can avoid this kind of disappointment if you follow our money exchange guide!

Please, always use the exchange offices and don’t trust anybody on the street, even if they stand next to an office and claim that they belong there. Always check on the spot if you got the right currency and the right amount.

The currency of Hungary is the forint

Some bills and coins of the Hungarian forint

Pick the offices that have a maximum 5 HUF difference between sell and buy when it comes to dollars or euros. Avoid the offices of Interchange, they have an orange coloured design – their exchange rates are ridiculously bad. If possible, don’t change any money at the airport – you will find a lot better deal in the city.

Having 0% commission doesn’t mean that you will get a better deal – some of the best exchange offices charge around 0,3% commission, practically nothing.

Some of the best exchange offices are found near Blaha Lujza square, Hotel Corinthia, and Oktogon.

I got an old banknote. What now?

The Hungarian National Bank is redesigning some of the banknotes. If you get an old banknote, don’t panic, you can exchange it to a valid one for three years at the post office or at any bank, and if it’s a really old one, the Hungarian National Bank can exchange it for 30 years.

Find more useful information about Budapest on our info page, and enjoy the city!

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