Budapest is one of the favourite destinations of movie makers for the same reason tourists love it: it is gorgeous and affordable. They can sell it as Paris, Rome or Moscow – and sometimes as Budapest. Tons of music videos were shot here as well, so let’s see four very different ones that have only one thing in common: Budapest as their background.

The most famous: Katy Perry – Firework
You have probably heard it a million times, but did you know that most of it was shot in Budapest? Besides the disturbing scenes where Katy’s breast shoots out fireworks, you can see the beautiful castle district and the Chain Bridge from above, Hotel Astoria, and even a local hospital. The video also features a great deal of Hungarian fans who were selected as extras.

The most Hungarian: Tárkony Művek – Krumpli Boogie
We love this Hungarian band, Tárkány Művek, for the way they use folk music in their songs. This one is about life on the market, and you can fully enjoy it without understanding the lyrics thanks to the video that they shot at the weekly Szimpla market.
My favourite part is the end: the guy says “Come on, woman, that’s enough, let’s go, I’m hungry, it happens every time, all right, I’m going home.” It reminds me of us shopping at this market, we are only two, but I always buy enough food for a family of six. Especially this time of year, when the fresh veggies finally arrive!
This farmers’ market is organized each Sunday at the most famous ruin bar called Szimpla Kert – sign up for a tour with Budapest 101 and discover it with us!

The most Korean: Teen Top – Missing
This one is for all the K-pop fans out there. Although we don’t quite get the artistic concept of this video, but the scenes shot in Budapest are definitely the most beautiful ones! You can get a glimpse of at least three of our bridges, the Hungarian Parliament and – of course – there are some moments shot at the Szimpla Kert ruin bar again.

The most artistic: mïus – Migrant
Of course we left our favourite to be the last. We love it simply because instead of using the clichés mïus captured a more everyday face of Budapest in a very artistic way. One of the most beautiful Bauhaus style houses is featured in it, and – even if it is hard to believe – the desert scenes were also shot in Hungary, near Fót. The singer Júlia Horányi wears breathtaking dresses from Hungarian designers like Réka Gottlieb, Ju Ninelle and Provo-CUT.
Keep an eye on this Hungarian duo: great music meats great aesthetics in their videos.



Judit is the founder and guide of Budapest 101