The Negyed7Negyed8 festival gives us plenty to do this week in Budapest. It is a festival about the 7th and 8th district aimed mainly for locals to get to know their neighbourhood. We signed up for some of the many events to learn even more about the city and so far the most interesting thing we have seen was a small shtiebel in the heart of the 8th district.

The name means a small house or a small room, and that’s what it is: a shtiebel is a Jewish prayer house, much like a less formal synagogue that feels like a cozy home for the community. This is the last remaining synagogue following the Hassidic/Sfard pray liturgy and it was founded still before WWI in a small apartment on the Teleki tér. It was working even during the communist era.
Nowadays they have a growing community again who run the place on a voluntary basis.
You will feel the peacefulness of it just by looking at these pictures we took there.


Judit is the founder and guide of Budapest 101