Cog-wheel railway, Budapest        The tracks of the cog-wheel railway, Budapest
This post is dedicated to all the transport geeks of the world!
Budapest has nearly every kind of transportation available for the public, and maybe our favourite one is this cute red train. Officially it runs on the tram line number 60, but it is not a simple tram, we are talking about an electric cog-wheel railway. Check out the special tracks above!
A stop of the cog-wheel railway, Budapest        The cog-wheel railway arriving to the terminal, Budapest
It runs on the hills of Buda where a simple tram can’t climb up. But it is worth it to get up there for the nature and the amazing viewpoints. It is your best option if you want to go hiking without leaving the city! You can reach for example the the Széchenyi look-out with just a few minutes of walking from the terminal, passing by beautiful villas. Can you find the Hungarian Parliament on the photo?
The view from the Széchenyi look-out in Bupapest, the Parliament building in the middle
The modernised tracks and the actual trains are from 1973, but a horse tramway was running on a similar route already in 1868, and the cog-wheel railway itself opened in 1874, only five years after the very first one in the world!
Cog-wheel railway, Budapest        The cockpit of the cog-wheel railway, Budapest
We love the cool ’70s look of the interior as well, and the fact that even bikes can be transported on this tram. It attracts a lot of families and downhill bikers on the weekends who want to spare the uphill pedalling. We can understand them, the elevation it covers is 315 meters.
The '70s look of the cog-wheel railway, Budapest        All the trains waiting for the next round, Cog-wheel railway, Budapest
On the top of the hill you can hop on the unique children’s railways as well. It is fully operated by kids between the age of 10 and 14, except for the driver, of course. It is the largest of its kind in the world!
If you want to try this beauty you can catch it at the Városmajor station – reach it with bus number 5 that crosses the whole city center. Or just let us know when you book your private tour in Budapest and we will take you there and beyond.


Judit is the founder and guide of Budapest 101