This wristband is our most precious belonging for the next week:

BudapestArtWeek 2016 wristband

Why? Because it opens the gates of mystical kingdoms: 50 art museums and galleries and dozens of programs are available with just one ticket, and you only have to pay 3000 forints (about 10 euros) for it. We can’t think of a better deal than that to enjoy as much Hungarian art as you possibly can.

BudapestArtWeek 2016 Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum

The BudapestArtWeek is a series of fine art programs organised under the wings of the Budapest Spring Festival The latter is focused on music and performance art and already made an international reputation throughout the years, but this year they decided to focus on a wider spectrum of arts. The BudapestArtWeek 2016 takes place between the 18th and 24th of April.

BudapestArtWeek - Petőfi Literature Museum

On the very first day of the festival I decided to join the ArtHeart. As Molnár Tímea, one of the organisers explained, every day an artist or an art lover picks their favourite exhibitions and programs, and anyone can join them on a tour. It is not just about having a guide though, it is also a great way to encourage people to participate even if they don’t have company.

BudapestArtWeek 2016 Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum

During the first day’s ArtHeart we visited the Petőfi Literature Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and a gallery opening. The Literature Museum always has a talent to find great perspectives for their exhibitions, but it was especially nice to have one of the museologists explain us everything. As a Hungarian it is an incredibly touching experience to see the memorabilia of our most famous writers – a poem with József Attila‘s handwriting, a desk used by Kaffka Margit or the small cupboard that Kosztolányi Dezső’s hands were opening every day. And even the marble table where the revolution of 1848 was initiated in the Pilvax Coffeehouse by Petőfi Sándor himself and his friends.

BudapestArtWeek 2016, Ez bejött kiállítás, Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum

The most interesting room of the museum had a temporary exhibition: Illusion (Interior), where they combined some of these memorabilia with contemporary art, playing with the context.ózsef_Attila-1905

Yes, this thing above is a plastic Wienerschnitzel in the shape of Germany made by Gisbert Stach. It’s also a brooch. And it is on the plate of Déry Tibor, Hungarian writer. There’s also a text for it written on the wall, just like for all the pieces, and then they let you play with your thoughts.

BudapestArtWeek Ethnographic Museum

To the next program we had to bring a yoga mat! It took place in the Ethnographic Museum’s entrance hall. It was after closing time, the visitors were all gone, we laid down on the floor and listened to the story of the painting on the ceiling, work of Lotz Károly.

BudapestArtWeek Ethnographic Museum, Lotz Károly

Before and after the talk we could listen to live guitar music and just contemplate the beauty of the building, still on our mats. It was a very unique and intimate experience.

BudapestArtWeek Ethnographic Museum

Most of the programs are in Hungarian, but you can enjoy all the exhibitions even if you don’t speak the language, and there are some guided tours available in English as well, you can read about them here. If I had to recommend just one, I would pick the avant-garde Kassák’s exhibition in Óbuda, the English guided visit will be on Saturday at 4 pm. You can buy the wristband in any of the participating museums and galleries, including the National Gallery, the Ludwig Museum, and the Museum of Applied Arts.

I know one thing for sure: this week we will spend all our free time museumhopping with the almighty wristband. Do you join us on the adventure?



Judit is the founder and guide of Budapest 101